Our research team is part of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry (University of Granada). The laboratory is a multidisciplinary one devoted to the Nano- and Bioinorganic Chemistry, and our research is centered on Iron metabolism and the use of bacteria as platform of nanomaterials. Our team is formed by dynamical young scientists with a well defined and promising area of research. We also have meaningful collaborations with other groups. This research subject is a truly multidisciplinary one, so students would get a very complete formation, ranging from chemistry to physics and biochemistry.

The lab is very well equipped: Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopes -SEM, TEM and HR-TEM; SQUID Magnetometer; UV-Vis spectrometer; X-Ray Powder Difractometer; Thermogravimetry analyser -TGA; Fourier Transform InfraRed -FTIR; Dynamic Light Scattering spectroscopy (DLS); Microplate Spectrophotometer.

Lab contact: +34 958 241 548

GROUP LEADER:José Manuel Domínguez Vera
Contact: +34 958 248 097
E-mail: josema@ugr.es
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR:Natividad Gálvez Rodríguez
Contact: +34 958 249 386
E-mail: ngalvez@ugr.es
RAMÓN Y CAJAL:José Manuel Delgado López
E-mail: jmdl@ugr.es
POSTDOCTORAL:Ana Isabel González Garnica
E-mail: agongar@ugr.es

Gloria Belén Ramírez Rodríguez
E-mail: gloria@ugr.es

Manuel José Sánchez del Castillo
E-mail: masandel@ugr.es

Víctor Jesús Garcés Robles
E-mail: vigaro@ugr.es
PhD STUDENTS:Laura Sabio Rodríguez
E-mail: laurasabio@ugr.es

Belén Parra Torrejón
E-mail: belenparrato@ugr.es

Gloria Pelayo Punzano
E-mail: gloriapelayo@ugr.es
ÍCARO:Danae Molina García
E-mail: danae28@correo.ugr.es
TECHNICAL STAFF:Pablo Alarcón Guijo
E-mail: palarcon@ugr.es