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MIXMESSE con letras (def)


MIXMESSE is proposed as a face-to-face advanced training space, intended for doctoral students within the framework of research in social sciences-education and in a multidisciplinary and international environment, through the broad participation of students from different countries and counting on international professors who are experts in this scientific field. The training sessions will be organized in a theoretical-practical way, in order to achieve the best use by the attendees in carrying out activities that can help develop research work leading to a doctoral thesis and also for another investigative nature. MIXMESSE will allow to discuss the current state of the confluence of the use of different research methods in an integrated way and present the implications derived for carrying out research work and doctoral thesis in the psychopedagogical, disciplinary and educational field of social sciences.

For this, a panel of five distinguished scholars have been complied: Dr. Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie (Cambridge University, UK), Dra. Heike Wendt (University of Graz, Austria. Arqus European University Alliance), Dr. Alfredo Bautista (The Education University of Hong Kong, China), Dra. Patricia Mannix (University of Limerick, Ireland), Dr. Juan Carlos Mijangos (Yucatán Autonomous University (UADY), Mexico). Furthermore, the issues addressed by MIXMESSE are transversal to many disciplines linked to the broad scope of the social sciences. Thus, mixed methods, comparative research, scientific writing in qualitative research, construction of data collection instruments, and, especially, academic writing for publication in scientific journals, are topics that will arouse the interest of both doctoral students in education as well as related disciplines related to research in social sciences (sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology…).


Oswaldo Lorenzo

University of Granada.

Eva Olmedo

University of Granada.

Lucía Herrera

University of Granada.

Heike Wendt

University of Graz.

Ana Lendínez

University of Granada.

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MIXMESSE foresees the attendance of 30 students. Of these 30 places, five are aimed at students of the doctoral program in educational sciences of the UGR, five to students of the Arqus Alliance and 20 to students outside the program, both national and foreign.

Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences of Melilla, the Autonomous City of Melilla, and the Doctorate Program in Educational Sciences.

Price: 60 €
More information:  mixmesse@ugr.es