Courses and news

Group members are lecturers in a number of master and graduate programs of the University of Granada, including:

  • Master in Science and Technology of Architectural Heritage
  • Double Master in Science and Technology of Architectural Heritage/Master in Architectural Rehabilitation
  • Graduate program in Geology
  • Graduate Program in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Members have also participated in external, national and international master programs and specialized courses (Centro International para la Conservación del Patrimonio (CICOP), University of Havana, Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico (IAPH, Sevilla), Scuola Europea di Studi Avanzati (Pavia), Facoltà di Architettura (Florence)).

In the past, group members coordinated and participated as lecturers in the specialized course “Diagnostic techniques applied to the conservation of construction materials in historic buildings”, which was offered by the University of Granada to architects, conservators and professionals entrusted with the conservation of the architectural heritage. 

The group was also responsible for the organization of the IIIrd International Congress on the Rehabilitation of the Architectural Heritage, which took place in May of 1996 in Granada with more than 700 participants of 50 countries.