Teaching Innovation Project 528-19

University of Granada

Innovative teaching techniques for higher education courses taught in English

2019 – 2020

The main aim of the project is to encourage local students to participate in the activities of the UGR Internationalization Strategy, such as undergraduate and master courses taught in English, ERASMUS exchanges and with third countries, international doctoral theses, internships abroad and PhD stays abroad. The involvement of our students in these activities will contribute to the development of increasingly demanded capabilities in the labor market, therefore to improve their competitiveness.
All activities take place in English and are practical, thus the active student involvement is required.

FIDO – Medialab UGR (June 2019)

Presentation and dissemination of TIP activities in Radiolab Innvovación Docente

In June 2019, we presented to the university community the objectives and activities of the Teaching Innovation Project 528-19 in a digital radio program, organized by Radiolab Teaching Innovation of the UGR.

In this program, teaching innovation projects from different areas of knowledge (sports, literature, education, psychology, history and economics) were presented and we attended a round-table discussion on the tools to enhance innovation in the university education.

March 2019 and March 2020


Experiments to learn the theoretical models of Microeconomics in the Degree in Business Administration and Management and in the Degree in Marketing and Market Research, March 2019 and March 2020.

In “An Apple Market” students assume the role of seller/buyer and sign sales contracts to maximize their respective benefits. This experiment helps them to understand the functioning of the market in perfect competition, to deduce the supply and demand curves of the market, the price and the amount of market equilibrium, and the calculation of consumer and seller surplus. In addition, as the experiment takes place in English, they become familiar with the technical vocabulary and develop their oral communication skills in English.

During the two semesters of 2019 – 2020


English workshops in the computer room allow students to do practical applications of the curricula of Introduction to the Economy (Degree in Economics), Microeconomics (Degree in Business Administration and Management) and Economics of Public Expenditure (Degree in Economics).

During the two semesters of 2019-2020, five workshops have been held: “Minimum wages in real terms in the European Union”, “The economic cycle in Spain”, “The budget constraint of American workers”, “Evolution of labor productivity in the European Union” and “Public social spending in the European Union”.

The common objectives of all the workshops are the following: learn to look for statistical information in international databases, learn to use software (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), learn how to represent tables and figures in the APA format, overcome fear of speaking in English, and encouraging students to take courses taught in English.

October 2019 and February 2020


Seminars in English for postgraduate students (Master and Doctorate). An ongoing investigation is presented at these seminars and participants have to communicate in English.

Within the framework of the TIP, the main objective of this activity is to encourage students to carry out international doctoral theses, participate in international conferences and conduct PhD stays abroad. Two seminars have been held in October 2019 and February 2020.


Guest Symposium, March 2020

Actions to promote the international dimension and the research competences in the local students

The Symposium focuses on the discussion of the actions that could motivate the local students to get involved in the international and multicultural dimension that Spanish universities intend to promote within the framework of the EHEA.

In three communications we present the results of different teaching and start-up research activities (Final Dissertations of Degree) implemented in the framework of TIP 528-19.