Some useful resources
Some have restricted access for Evoflor staff, sorry!

Laboratory procedures & protocols

Protocols used in our lab
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Database of Erysimum populations

The mega-archivo
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Database of Moricandia populations

The mega-archivo for Moricandia
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Computational Resources

Servers, Backup systems, etc.
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Primers and Oligonucleotides

Primers used routinely in our lab
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Photo by F. PerfecttiGuide of pollinators and functional groups

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The world of Syrphidae – The Syrphidae website

Genetics and genomics

Brassica info – open source information relating to Brassica genomics and genetics

TAIR – The Arabidopsis information Resource

Araport  – Arabidopsis Information Portal

The 1000 plants (oneKP or 1KP) initiative is an international multi-disciplinary consortium that has generated large-scale gene sequencing data for over 1000 species of plants.