Erysimum bastetanum – A new species

According to the new findings on the phylogeny of the genus Erysimum, we propose the new combination Erysimum bastetanum (G. Blanca & C. Morales) Lorite et al. comb. & stat. nov.

Erysimum baeticum

Erysimum baeticum, inhabiting the Baetic mountains, was first described by Heywood (1954) as E. linifolium subsp. baeticum. Afterwards, Polatschek (1979) changed the status of the taxa as E. baeticum (Heywood) Polatschek. Later, Blanca et al. (1992) distinguished two taxa within the species; E. baeticum (Heywood) Polatschek subsp. baeticum for Sierra Nevada, and E. baeticum subsp. bastetanum Blanca & Morales inhabiting the Sierra de Baza (Granada province) and the Sierra de María and the Sierra de Filabres (Almería).

Our phylogeny of Erysimum (Gómez et al. 2014) shows that these two taxa belong to well-supported separate lineages. This fact, together with remarkable morphological differences and a well-separated distribution area led us to propose two taxa at species level, E. baeticum (Heywood) Polatschek a narrow-endemic to Sierra Nevada and E. bastetanum comb. & stat. nov. for the remaining populations and endemic to some Baetic mountains.

Erysimum bastetanum (Alamedilla, Granada, Spain)
Erysimum bastetanum (Alamedilla, Granada, Spain)


Lorite J, Perfectti F, Gómez JM. 2015
A new combination in Erysimum (Brassicaceae) for Baetic mountains (South-eastern Spain)
Phytotaxa 201: 103-105


Erysimum bastetanum – A new species
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