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RSME School Lluís Santaló 2010 "Geometric Analysis"

Granada (España)

The Spanish Royal Mathematical Society (RSME) and the International University Menéndez-Pelayo (UIMP) organize the Mathematics School "Lluís Santaló" every year since 2002. Every year, the School is devoted to a specific topic. In the recent years, there is an increasing mathematical interest in the interaction between Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations, a branch of Mathematics called Geometric Analysis. This increasing interest is supported, for instance, by the large number of speakers in the next ICM in Hyderabad (India) working in the fleld of Geometric Analysis. Different problems coming from areas apparently far, have been solved by application of tools in Geometric Analysis: among others, we can mention the solution by R. Schoen and S. T. Yau of the positive mass conjecture, and the more recent positive answer by G. Perelman to the Poincaré conjecture.

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