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Talks by Marilena Moruz

Minimal Lagrangian isotropic immersions in indefinite complex space forms

KU Leuven

I am interested in the study of minimal isotropic Lagrangian sub manifolds \(M^n\) (\(n>2\)) in indefinite complex space forms. It is known that the dimension of \(M^n\) must satisfy \(n=3r+2\), with r a positive integer, and for \(n<14\) there exists a classification for such submanifolds. In my work I have extended the result for an arbitrary dimension n. Therefore, I have determined all the possible dimensions of \(M^n\) and found all the components of the second fundamental form, according to the metric with which \(M^n\) is endowed in each case.

Seminario 2ª Planta, IEMath-GR

Marilena Moruz

KU Leuven

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