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About Jorge A. R. Navarro


Jorge A. R. Navarro (right) born in 1969 is Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Granada since 2010. His research is focused on the synthesis and applications of discrete and extended polygonal coordination assemblies with molecular recognition properties suitable for applications on the fields of environmental and biomedical chemistry. He is the author of > 135 publications which have received ca 7,000 citations (h= 43). The quality of his research has been distinguished by the Excellence Research Award of the University of Granada (2002, 2009) and the RSEQ-Sigma-Aldrich Young Researcher Award (2006). He is also a member of the editorial board of ICA Journal. He is a member of “Unidad de Excelencia de QuĂ­mica (UGR)“. Thanks to Spanish Ministry of Science, we have set up the network MOFNET: the Spanish thematic network on Metal and Covalent Organic Frameworks.