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Our synthesis Lab: Fully equipped lab with 6 fume hoods, rotavapors, temperature controlled ovens, centrifuges, shackers, schlenk lines, microwave reactor, etc.

GC-for catalysis

Our setup for Gas separation

Micrommeritics Triflex for Gas, vapor physi and chemisorption

Sample activation

UV-vis with temperature control

HPLC for solid-liquid adsorption

FTIR with ATR and gas-cell

Our benchtop XRPD

Anton Paar Microwave reactor

Additional equipment available: Micrommeritic Tristar, cyclovoltameter, light scattering, TGA, bentchtop SEM-EDX, …

Access to large equimments through the Scientific instrumentation center of the University of Granada (https://cic.ugr.es/).

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