Live Virtual Tour

The secrets of the Alhambra by a local expert

“Virtually from my home besides the Alhambra: concepts and details usually unknown by the visitors” (Blanca Espigares Rooney, Ph.D. architect)
Something that surprises everyone is to discover that the Alhambra is not just a palace or a group of palaces. It is an independent walled city which was begun to be built in the 13th Century, and even today there is still a little neighbourhood inside with some families. I belong to one of these families. My great-great-grandfather was an entrepreneur in the 19th century and he bought some houses inside the Alhambra and started a business there. So I grew up having this special citadel as a familiar place.
Another detail that is usually unknown is that what we visit is just 5% of the Alhambra real territory. So this Live Virtual Tour is going to bring you the knowledge to see the Alhambra with other eyes: if you have already visited it, you will expand your appreciation; if you haven’t visited yet, it will give you a great introduction to such a complex place so you can prepare your special trip.
Live Virtual Tour delivered personally and live using live video conferencing system & digital resources and with the following outline:
1. Presentation of the expert
2. Introduction
2. 1. Origins and evolution of Granada
2. 2. The beginning of the Alhambra as another city with the Nasrid Dynasty
3. The territory of the Alhambra
3. 1. The countryside and productive area
3. 2. The walled city
4. The construction: materials and systems
4. 1. The different quarters
4. 2. The palaces area
A good internet connection is required to experience this tour.
Virtual Tour delivered personally from my home, in Granada, using conferencing system & digital resources (Photos, videos and my own drawings and work).


My name is Blanca Espigares Rooney, an architect, and I have a PhD with a research about heritage urban studies and Andalusi architecture.
And I belong to one of the families of the Alhambra that are still living inside the citadel. This is why I became an architect. I grew up in the Alhambra, as a familiar place and an exclusive playground. This led me to study a Master’s degree in Architecture and historic heritage (2006-2007) and do a PhD from the University of Granada (2015). I have worked on restoration and value enhancement projects in the Alhambra and in historic cities, which have enabled me to acquire a deep knowledge regarding their structures and main elements. Besides this, I have worked as a lecturer and researcher in the University of Granada and some others.