Conference on Spanish Bilingual Lexicography 2023

International Conference on Current Bilingual Lexicography
of the Spanish Language (BIL.LEX)
University of Granada, June 2023

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In addition to previous conferences such as those held at University of Jaén (“Seminarios de Lexicografía Hispánica”, 1991-2003) and other more recent ones at Complutense University (“Jornada de Lexicografía en el contexto del aprendizaje de lenguas”, 2021), UNAM (Mexico) (“Jornada de Lexicografía Didáctica”, 2021) and Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz / Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (“Jornada de Lexicografía Bilingüe con Lenguas Indígenas”, 2022), the first meeting on Recent Spanish Bilingual Lexicography will be held at University of Granada.

Taking into account the points described in Pablo-Núñez 2021 (, about marginalised languages in the historiography of Spanish lexicography, this conference aims to promote studies on recent bilingual lexicography of Spanish with other non-majority languages, preferably panoramic studies rather than specific descriptions of particular works.

The conference will focus especially on:

  • Overall studies on the recent lexicography of Spanish and other non-majority languages (preferably works published from the 1980s to the present day).
  • Panoramic studies (with the possibility of including earlier periods) on bilingual lexicography of Spanish with other Eastern European, Central European, Baltic or Scandinavian language(s).
  • Panoramic studies (including previous periods if necessary) of Spanish bilingual lexicography with other non-Western languages (Asian, African or Oceanic languages).

These will be the priority lines. However, studies analysing bilingual or multilingual lexicographical repertoires with Spanish that have been little studied, especially manuscripts, as well as other aspects on recent bilingual lexicography of Spanish with minority languages not necessarily historiographical, could be proposed.

As there are other specific conferences for the study of Missionary Linguistics, bilingual lexicographies of Spanish with Amerindian languages are excluded here, excepted panoramic studies on recent bilingual lexicography (1980s onwards) which could be proposed.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 25, so proposals received will be evaluated and those most relevant to the lines proposed will be selected. The selection of the papers will be carried out by a process of blind peer review by the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Granada on 1 and 2 June 2023. It is the organisation’s will that there will be more conferences on bilingual Spanish Lexicography in future years in order to give continuity to this one.

Participation as a speaker is free of charge.
Attendance at the conference is free of charge, subject to prior registration via email and the SciencesConf portal (more details about this in a next future).

Papers will be published, after a selection and peer review process, as a monograph in a journal in the first two quartiles (Q1 or Q2) or as a monograph in a well-positioned publishing house (collections with FECYT quality criteria, Spanish index SPI – Scholarly Publishers Indicators).

Submission of proposals

The deadline for submitting proposals will remain open until 1 May 2023. Acknowledgement of receipt will be given and notification of acceptance or rejection of the proposal will be given within the following seven days.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 01/05/2023 (NEW: EXTENDED:  16/05/2023)
Sending of acceptance of papers: 07/05/2023 > extended: after 16/05/2023
Date of the conference: 01/06/2023-02/06/2023

Book of abstracts (download in PDF)
Programme (Download Conference programme PDF)

Opening lecture:
Dr. Ivana Lončar (University of Zadar, Croatia): “Overview of Spanish-Croatian Lexicography”.

Justo Bolekia Boleká (University of Salamanca)
“Lexicographic specificity of the Bubi-Spanish/Spanish-Bubi dictionary”.

Juan Ignacio Sánchez Ortiz (University of Granada)
“Overview of recent Spanish-Portuguese dictionaries”.

Raúl Díaz Rosales (University of Huelva)
“Bilingual Spanish-Galician lexicography: Three current dictionaries”.

Tatyana Martinova (University of Granada)
“Overview of recent Spanish-Russian bilingual lexicography”.

Francisco José Nieto Moreno (University of Granada)
“The editorial development of Spanish-Japanese bilingual lexicography in the 20th and 21st centuries”.

Miguel Ángel Lucena Romero (University of Granada)
“A general overview of the ‘ocean of words’: The Arabic-Spanish bilingual dictionary”.

Cristóbal José Álvarez López (Pablo de Olavide University)
“Some notes on Sephardic lexicography”

Chunyi Lei (University of Granada)
“Panorama of recent Spanish-Chinese / Chinese-Spanish bilingual dictionaries”

Luis Pablo Núñez (University of Granada)
“Overview of Spanish-Turkish lexicography (16-21st centuries)”.

Gisella Policastro (University of Córdoba)
“Review of lexicographical repertoires on jewelry, goldsmithing and silverware (Spanish-Italian) from a multimodal approach”.

Closing lecture:
Dr. Elena Dal Maso (Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice): “The digital multilingual phraseological dictionary”.


Official language(s) of the event
English; French; Spanish

Organising Entity
Department of Spanish Language, Faculty of Humanities,
University of Granada.
Research Group “The Spanish lexicon: Description and applications” (UGR-Junta de Andalucía HUM-265)

Organising Committee

Luis Pablo Núñez (director, University of Granada)
M.ª del Carmen Ávila Martín (University of Granada)
Doina Repede (Universidad de Granada)
Radka Svetozarovová (University of Granada)

Scientific Committee
Justo Bolekia Boleká (University of Salamanca)
Miguel Calderón Campos (University of Granada)
Jesús Camacho Niño (University of Jaén)
Rafael Guzmán Tirado (University of Granada)
Eduardo José Jacinto García (University of Córdoba)
Menghsuan Ku (古孟玄) (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
Antonio J. Manjón-Cabeza Cruz (University of Granada)
Esteban Montoro del Arco (University of Granada)
David Porcel Bueno (University of Granada)
Daniel Sáez Rivera (University of Granada)
Francisco José Sánchez García (University of Granada)
Marcin Sosinski (University of Granada)
Edyta Waluch (University of Granada)
Anna Zholobova (University of Granada)

University of Granada (UGR, Spain)
Faculty of Humanities (Filosofía y Letras)
Campus de Cartuja s/n
E-18071 Granada, Spain