Javier Valverde

I am a biologist formed at the University of Granada. My main scientific interest focuses on plant-animal interactions, specially in those concerning pollination and the evolutionary consequences of these.

During my PhD I studied the evolutionary dynamics of the generalist plant Erysimum mediohispanicum at the populational level. I assessed how differences in plant phenotype and microenvironmental conditions determine the level of plant generalization, resulting into disparate reproductive success and non-random patterns of pollen flow (see example), which finally defines the spatial genetic structure.



IFAPA (Institute of Agricultural Research and Training of Andalusia)
Camino de Purchil s/n, 18004 Granada, Spain

email: javi.val.mor AT gmail.com

A female of Halictus subauratus collecting pollen from E. mediohispanicum.
A key feature of our study system is its wide range of pollinators which strongly vary in their effectiveness.

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