Mohamed Abdelaziz

Mohamed Abdelaziz

Mohamed Abdelaziz, PhD, is Young Researcher at the Department of Genetics in the University of Granada.


I am a biologist with special interest in ecology, genetics and their interaction to answer broad questions on evolutionary biology. I was born and grew up in Melilla, a singular, small and wonderful city in North Africa, where it is possible to meet different cultures crashing sometimes, or falling in love others. I left Melilla to start my undergraduate studies in the University of Granada, placed in the city with the same name. Granada was a renowned city for its multicultural character and its beauty, having been the capital of the last Andalusian Kingdom. In that environment I pursued my graduate studies and research works, which led to my PhD.I moved as an Impact Research Fellow to the University of Stirling, located in central Scotland, a cold, wet and very nice place for an African. Recently, I moved again to Granada with a Young Scientist grant.

During all this time I visited many places and labs where I have met many valuable people with whom I have the pleasure to collaborate and work.


Department of Genetics
Facultad de Ciencias
University of Granada
18071, Granada, Spain

email: mabdelazizm AT

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M. Abdelaziz (L) working in Sierra Nevada together with José M. Gómez (R)