5th Evoflor meeting

We have gathered in Granada for the 5th evoflor meeting to talk about present and future projects.

Resumen en español (PDF)

On this occasion we have held this meeting at Carmen de la Victoria, a guest residence of the University of Granada, located in a privileged place, in front of the Alhambra.



  • Mohamed Abdelaziz (Genética-UGR) – mabdelaziz @ gmail.com
  • Ángel L. Caravantes (Ecología-UGR) – alcamar @ ugr.es
  • Lucía DeSoto (EEZA-CSIC) – luciadesoto @ gmail.com
  • José M. Gómez (EEZA-CSIC) – jmgreyes @ eeza.csic.es
  • Adela González Megías (Zoología-UGR) – adelagm @ ugr.es
  • Carlos Hernández Castellano (CREAF) – c.hernandez @ creaf.uab.cat
  • Irene Martín Brull (Ecología-UGR) – irenemb11 @ gmail.com
  • A. Jesús Muñoz Pajares (CIBIO, Portugal) – ajesusmp @ gmail.com
  • Fran Ocaña (Ecología-UGR) – bb2occaf @ ugr.es
  • Carolina Osuna Mascaró (Genética-UGR) – carolinaosunamascaro @ gmail.com
  • Francisco Perfectti (Genética-UGR) – fperfect @ ugr.es
  • Rafael Rubio de Casas (Ecología-UGR) – rubiodecasas @ ugr.es
  • Raquel Sánchez Fernández (UGR-Ecología) – raquelsf @ ugr.es
  • Ruben Torices (EEZA-CSIC) – ruben.torices @ eeza.csic.es
  • Javier Valverde (UGR-Ecología) – javi.val.mor @ gmail.com
Rocka, Lucia, Irene, Carlos, Fran, Raquel, Adela, Rafa, Carolina, Jesús, Javi, Moha, Tori, Paco

We had an intense program with 10 presentations and some more that could not be done due to lack of time.

José M. Gómez and Francisco Perfectti
Project MORE  (MORE-eco and MORE-gen).

Adela González Megías
What do we know about the biology of Moricandia?

Rubén Torices
Kin discrimination affects plant investment in advertising to pollinators

Rafael Rubio de Casas
Sociability experiment

Carolina Osuna Mascaró
Transfer of adaptation in Erysimum (PREGEPES project)

Francisco Perfectti
Transcriptomic complexity

Mohamed Abdelaziz
Project Transpeciation

A. Jesús Muñoz Pajares
Ideas for a new project

Carlos Hernandez Castellano
Changes in the plant community: effects on plant-pollinator networks and functional consequences on pollination

Javier Valverde
Inclusive measurement of pollination efficiency