Starting the new field campaign

We have started a new field campaign visiting a Moricandia foetida population in the Desert of Tabernas (Almería). This campaign will develop part of the project Hidden extinctions: Losing plant diversity in Iberian arid zones as a consequence of the anthropic-mediated expansion of weedss.  

Photo by F. Perfectti
left to right: Rocka, Lucía, Cristina, Raquel, Tori

We visited some of the populations of M. foetida located in Almería, close to Tabernas, where we started to phenotype individuals and to sample for DNA. Moricandia foetida is an endemism of southeastern Spain, where it grows in ravines and eroded slopes on limestone, silt, loam and gypsum soils. In this area this species appears sympatrically with M. arvensis. Both species are easily identified because M. arvensis has siliquae with two series of seeds per valve.


Photo by F. Perfectti
Habitat of M. foetida