The address of the institute is at Ventanilla nº 11 de Granada, are its facilities follow the agreement CSIC-UGR of 25-04-2011.

There are two ways of arriving to the institute from the Faculty of Sciences:

  • By Rector López-Argüeta street. Follow the red path in the picture below.
  • By Ventanilla street. Once arrived to the white spot, follow the orange path.

The distance between the Faculty of Sciences and the institute is about 700m (10 min walking). 

The usual entrance to the institute is through Rector López-Argüeta street (by the parking of the Centro de Documentación Científica). This entrance has a door separating the institute from the area of the Centro de Documentación Científica, equipped with an electronic card reader (see below). The main entrance to the institute has another card reader of the same type.

Except for special occassions, the access by Ventanilla street is closed.

Access electronic cards. To open the two electronic locks at the doors to enter the institute, an electronic card is required. These cards are supplied by the UGR following one of the following procedures:

  • For UGR members, the electronic card is the tarjeta universitaria (TUI) (permanent validity). To apply for a TUI, see instructions here. Once you have the TUI, it must be configured to open the two electronic locks that you will encounter when trying to access the institute. To do this, please send an email asking for this configuration  together with your name, NIF and Department to Guadalupe Sánchez (administración IMAG): guadalupesb(at)
  • External visitors to the UGR can apply for a visitor card, which has a temporary validity. These cards can be obtained by the following procedure:
    • Fill this form (three copies, already contained in the previous pdf file). In this form, be sure to include:
      • Passport number or NIF of the visitor, in the field “Documento de indentidad”
      • Name of the visitor in the field “Apellidos, Nombre”
      • Email address of the visitor in the field “Datos de contacto”

      The data in the fields “Datos de la persona responsable de la UGR que da el Visto Bueno a la solicitud” and the corresponding signature in the left square refer either to the head of the Department of the host researcher, or to the Director of the institute. The visitor will only sign in the center square. The right square should contain the expected ending date of the visit, in the field “Fecha CAD”, but no signature will be included and the field “NI tarjeta” will be left blank.

    • Deliver the three filled copies of the form at the “Secretaría del IMAG”, together with a copy of the DNI or passport of the visitor. In this case, the host researcher will provide contact data to the secreatary (staff) of IMAG, Guadalupe Sánchez. Alternatively, this step can be done by sending an email with scanned versions of the three copies of the form and the DNI or passport to; in this last case, the body of the message will contain the contact data of the host researcher.
    • Once the temporary card has been activated, host and guest researchers will receive an email to make them know that the card is ready to be collected by the visitor at the “Secretaría del IMAG”. When collecting the card, the visitor will sign in the right square of the form.
    • At the end of the stay, either the visitor or the host researcher will give the card back at the “Secretaría del IMAG”.

    WARNING: Applying for a visitor card in advance will let the visitor use the card from the first day of his/her stay. By default, temporary cards only include access to the building (side door and main entrance). If the office assigned to a visitor has its own electronic locker, access to it can be added to the card. To do this, simply send an email to with the data: number of the temporary card, visitor’s name, assigned office and period of the stay.

    The University of Granada has a “International Welcome Center” that can help visitors with some aspects of their stay in Granada (lodging, medical insurance, etc). To communicate with the IWC, please fill this form and send it to before your arrival to Granada. More info at

How to arrive at Granada

  • From Granada airport. The airport is 17 km from downtown. Correspondences between Granada and its airport can be done by taxi or bus. The cab fare is about 30-35€. There is a 3€ bus airport-downtown (line 245), with different stops. The nearest one to IMAG is the eighth stop, at “Avda. Constitucion Hotel Cóndor”, from where IMAG is just at 10 min of walking distance.
  • From Malaga airport. The bus company Alsa has a service connecting directly the airport of Málaga with the city of Granada. From this airport, there are frequent connections (approx. one per hour). For more information, please visit the Alsa website. Another available connection is through the bus station in Málaga, from where one can find buses leaving to Granada each hour. These buses arrive at the bus station in Granada, from where one can take a taxi to downtown (about 10€) or a city bus (lines SN2 or SN5) in order to arrive to the institute (see here for a map of the city buses in Granada).
  • By high speed train. There are daily connections to and from Granada, with Madrid and Barcelona. The train station in Granada is downtown, at 10 minutes of walking distance from IMAG.