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We are announcing a program in geometric analysis, which will take place over the last two weeks of June 2023 (from 19th to 30th). It will be held at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Granada (IMAG), downtown Granada. This International Doctoral Summer School is associated and partially funded by the Doctorate School in Sciences, Technologies and Engineering of the University of Granada.


The program consists of the following two parts:

First week:

Summer School consisting in the following 4 mini-courses aimed at PhD students and young postdocs:

  • Sun-Yung Alice Chang (Princeton University): TBA
  • Xavier Cabré (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya): On the nonlocal mean curvature
  • Moritz Kassmann (Universität Bielefeld): TBA
  • Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford University): TBA
  • Second week:

    Specialized research conference, with the following speakers:

    • V. Agostiniani (U. di Trento)
    • R. Bettiol (CUNYl)
    • E. Cabezas Rivas (U. de Valencia)
    • J. Case (Penn State U.)
    • E. Cinti (U. di Bologna)
    • F. Colasuonno (U di Bologna)
    • J. Espinar (U. De Cadiz)
    • P. Esposito (Roma Tre U.)
    • R. Graham (U. of Washington)
    • M. Grossi (La Sapienza, U. di Roma)
    • R. Gover (U. Auckland)
    • M. Gursky (Notre Dame U.)
    • Q. Han (Notre Dame U.)
    • I. Ianni (La Sapienza, U. di Roma)
    • E. Kuwert (Freiburg U.)
    • Y.-J. Lin (Wichita State U.)
    • A. Maalaoui (Clark U.)
    • A. Malchiodi (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)
    • F. de Marchis (La Sapienza, U. di Roma)
    • V. Martino (U. Bologna)
    • S. McKeown (U. of Texas at Dallas)
    • A. Pistoia (La Sapienza, U. di Roma)
    • J. Qing (U. de California Santa Cruz)
    • J. Ratzkin (Würzburg U.)
    • D. Ruiz (U. Granada)
    • B. Sharp (Leeds U.)
    • S. Terracini (U. Torino)
    • G. Wang (U. Freiburg)
    • P. Yang (Princeton U.)
    • J. Wei (U. British Columbia)
    • * Special talk by Susanna Terracini (U. di Torino) to explain the role of the EWM in the Mathematics community.


      To attend the event, it is mandatory to fill out this registration form!!

      • The registration is also needed for speakers and people attending from Granada.
      • It is important that you provide information regarding your arrival and departure dates (arrival no earlier than 18th June, departure no later than 1st July)
      • Deadline (registration): 31st May 2023


      We are glad to announce that we will be able to provide some students and young postdocs with accommodation (in a shared room with another participant). Please indicate if you are applying for it when you register.

      • Deadline (Financial support application): 1st March 2023.


      Some hotels close to IMAG (where the conference will take place) are:

    • Hotel Catalonia
    • Luna Granada
    • Granada Center
    • Hotel Reina Cristina
    • Some more hotels (a bit more expensive):

    • Granada five sense
    • Eurostar
    • Sercotel
    • Cheaper option:

    • Pensión San Joaquín
    • How to arrive

      See general instructions here.



      Organizing Committee:


      • Main funding: Excellence Unit "María de Maeztu" at IMAG (grant MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033)
      • Other funding: European Mathematical Society, Escuela Internacional de Posgrado de la Universidad de Granada