The institute has a conference room (capacity 84 people), two seminar rooms (capacity 20 people each), two working rooms (capacities 4 and 6 people), lecture room, library, computer room, 13 individual offices y 37 places in 8 shared offices. The conference room and seminars are equipped with blackboards and video-projectors connected to computers. All offices dispose of internet connection points, and wireless internet is available everywhere in the building.

The following equipment is available to all the members of the institute.

  •  Desktop computers with i7 Intel processors and Windows/OS operating systems, located in both individual and shared offices at the institute. All these computers are connected to the local network (which is part of the UGR network).
  • 3 full color Xerox printers, one per floor of the building. These devices are accessible through the local network.
  • Laptops and tablets.
  • Ethernet connections in each room of the building, together with UGR WIFI connection.
  • More than 200 mathematical monographs physically available at the institute library, indexed in the general database of the Faculty of Sciences Library of the Universidad de Granada.
  • Digital whiteboards and videoconferencing capabilities with HD cameras and integrated sound system, and guillotine double blackboards in the three main rooms of the institute.

About the videoconferencing system

The videoconferencing system at the institute consists of HD cameras + external microphone-speakers,
compatible with most of the current software as Zoom, Google Meet or Skype. The institute also
counts with two Zoom and one Skype accounts for meetings with a large number of participants.

Here you can get a document (in spanish) which explains how those systems can be used at the institute’s devices.