EDI recommendations

The BIRS Program Committee recommends that organizers refer to the following list of considerations to help support an EDI-positive event:

  • Consider planning ways to support and develop the careers of early-career researchers (ECR), so that they get the most out of the workshop. Examples of such ways could be, but need not be limited to, planning pre-workshop activities (such as virtual lectures or mini courses); hosting panel discussions on barriers in building careers; planning training opportunities; and providing mentorship opportunities.
  • Consider including activities that ensure successful inclusion of mathematicians from under-represented or minoritized (URM) backgrounds. Examples of this could include ensuring widespread access to your event; showcasing URM scholars in leadership positions as role models; hosting discussion forums on systemic barriers in STEM faced by women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) communities; and publicizing professional resources specific to these groups.
  • Consider including networking and professional development opportunities for everyone.
  • Consider ways to enrich the hybrid workshop experience to foster connection between virtual and on-site participants.
  • Consider measuring the impact of your workshop using post-event surveys, group follow-on activities, etc.
  • The BIRS team would be glad to support these efforts. Let us know how we can help with the planning of your workshop!

    More information on organizing an EDI-positive event can be found here.