Detalles de Evento

Día: 8 julio de 2020
Hora: 17:00 - 18:00
Sala virtual: Sala DA VINCI
Contraseña de la reunión: 541592

Conferenciante: Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford Univ)
Título: The Kapustin-Witten equations
Abstract: One of the new four-dimensional gauge theories is a set of equations discovered by Kapustin and Witten in 2005. This theory involves a boundary condition which in turn involves a knot K in a 3-manifold. A later conjecture by Gaiotto and Witten states that a sequence of numerical counts of elements of the moduli space of solutions determines the Jones polynomial of the knot. While this remains open, quite a lot has been discovered. I will briefly survey these developments, including the basic structural and regularity theory of these equations, which was joint work with Witten, and a fairly complete resolution of this problem in the dimensionally reduced case, on the product of a Riemann surface and a half-line, which was joint work with S. He.