For all BIRS-IMAG workshops, the institute offers accommodation and full board for 42 participants at a nearby hotel. For the 2024 workshops, accommodation and meals will be available at the Hotel Tent Granada, at walking distance from IMAG. Accommodation is covered by the BIRS-IMAG program for all participants, for the nights of Sunday through Friday, both included. It is usually possible to reserve additional nights at your own expenses, at a fixed rate which has already been agreed with the hotel. It is also possible to include an additional guest for small additional fee (currently 10 euro per night). All participants will receive information by email regarding the procedure to reserve the dates of their visit.

You may also have been invited to a workshop as an «observer». This only means that accommodation and meals are not covered by the BIRS-IMAG program, and you will have to cover them from your own funding. Apart from this, observers can choose to stay at the same hotel as the rest of participants, and of course can take part in all activities in the same conditions. The observer status just means that IMAG cannot cover your participation (since we have a limit of 42 funded participants per workshop) but otherwise the conditions are the same. In this case you will also receive instructions by email on how to reserve accommodation at the same hotel (Hotel Tent Granada) if you wish to do so.

Workshops are held in the main conference room on the ground floor of the Institute, with a capacity for 84 people. This conference room has a projector, a computer, a videoconference system and a large sliding blackboard.

You can also see a complete description of the facilities available at IMAG here.

  • Access for people with disabilities: IMAG is equipped with handicapped access, without architectural barriers, both for cars and wheelchairs. In case you need help, please contact us at imag(at), and (34) 958242794, 958242798.