Detalles de Evento

Speaker: Pier Francesco Perri
Title: Eliciting Sensitive Data by Indirect Questioning Techniques: Some Recent Applications and Methodological Advances
Start: Friday, 24 February 2017, 10:00
Venue: First Floor Seminar, IEMath-GR
In many branches of the applied research, mostly in the social and medical sciences, the investigator very often has to gather information concerning highly personal, sensitive, stigmatizing, and perhaps incriminating issues such as drug addiction, domestic violence, racial prejudice, illegal income, noncompliance with laws and regulations.
Doing research on delicate themes - especially by direct questioning modes - is not an easy matter since it is likely to meet with three source of errors: (1) refusal to cooperate; (2) refusal to answer specific questions; (3) untruthful answers. These errors can seriously flaw the quality of the data and, thus, jeopardize subsequent analyses including statistical inference on unknown characteristics of the population under study.
Although these errors cannot be totally avoided, they may be mitigated by increasing respondents’
cooperation by means of indirect questioning techniques.
In the seminar, we will discuss some applications in real studies of the randomized response theory and some methodological advances for the item sum technique.