PhD positions on Coding Theory (for 4 years), Autonomous University of Barcelona

At the Department of Information and Communications Engineering, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), there is a PhD positions on Coding Theory (for 4 years) within the CCSG research group.

Research projects

The project is included in the context of algebraic coding theory. In the scheme of communication through noisy channels, error-correcting codes deal with the reliable transmission of information. Initially, these codes were defined over finite fields and, from the paper entitled “The Z4-linearity of Kerdock, Preparata, Goethals, and related codes” by Hammons and published in IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 40(2): 301-319, 1994, it started to grow up the study of codes over rings.

More specifically, the research of the candidate will be focused on the study of families of codes over Z/p (not necessarily linear) that came from linear codes over rings of the form Z/ps, with p prime, and also over mixed alphabets, with different copies of the ring Z/ps. We are interested in the classification of these families and/or the study of their automorphism groups and its application to the permutation decoding method. The research could also be focused on more combinatorial aspects such as construction and classification of completely regular codes.

For more information on these positions, please contact to

Dr.Mercè Villanueva at

Dr.Cristina Fernández at

For the official call at uab website

Official deadline: 25th of October 2023 to submit the documents.

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