Postdoctor researcher (2 years) within Analysis of PDEs and Kinetic Theory

The department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics is offering a postdoctoral scholarship within the project “Longtime behaviour for kinetic equations of cluster growth”. The scholarship is full-time for two years with starting date 1 June 2023 or by agreement.

Project description

The aim of the project consists in studying mathematical models describing clustering in large particle systems. Such behaviour occurs in many natural and industrial processes ranging from microscopic phenomena (aerosol formation, bacteria) up to huge dimensions (astronomy). Key questions to be studied concern:

  • Long-time behaviour: how does the system behave for large times?
  • Phase transition: does the system undergo fundamental changes in finite time?
  • Competing effects: how does the system react to mechanisms acting against clustering?

The scholarship is based at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics but financed and administrated by The Kempe Foundation (JCSMK22-0153). The scholarship is tax free and amounts to 336 000 SEK/year

More information:

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