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This website makes use of RSS standard so you can automatically subscribe to its content. RSS will allow you to be up-to-date with news and events taking place at the institute. Most web browsers are able to read this type of documents and no additional software is required, though many desktop and web applications provide this service.

You can choose between several options to subscribe:

Subscribe via majordomo

The institute has a mailing list. To subscribe, please send an email to with empty subject and body ‘subscribe iemathgr’.

Subscribe via a calendar

It is also possible to subscribe to different calendars using any sofware supporting iCalendar standard (for instance, Google Calendar, Evolution, iCal, Microsoft Outlook). To do it, it suffices to use one of the following links depending on your preferences (if you do not have an application associated to webcal/iCal, then you can right-click the desired calendar, choose “copy link location”, and then add the calendar to your google calendar via url as explained in this google calendar help page):

If you want to display in an android device the calendars already added to your google calendars, then go to the calendar app, open settings, touch your account, then “show more” and touch the desired calendar. There you can enable it and configure notifications.

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