The BRAVOSEIS team is already working on the revision of the equipment that will be installed in this season. The land stations are in perfect condition and ready to embark for the Bransfield Strait. There, the companions will install the in different points of the South Shetland archipelago, on places such as Penguin, Bridgeman or Greenwich, among others.

Revision of a land station for the BRAVOSEIS project equipped with a Trillium compact sensor and a CUBE datalogger.

Data from the stations installed in the last campaign will be collected. They are also preparing the OBS on the part of the German and American partners with the colleagues of IAG as well as the marine geophysics planning, that is at an advanced stage in its preparation.

This is going to be a great season for the BRAVOSEIS team!

Obviously, We can’t forget of Deception Island, we have relieve a photo from the island where it appear with no sea ice so, Port Foster is already navigable. The island is waiting for us!

Deception Island on September 16, 2018, Without Sea Ice. Image from ESA Copernicus/Sentinel-2.

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