BRAVOSEIS is a scientific project that involves international researches with different profiles and specializations. Their fields are Volcano Seismology, Marine Seismology, Volcanology or Geophysics. It is necessary to highlight that most of the researchers have a strong background in geophysical research of the Antarctic region.

The project has prompted the collaboration of researchers from centers in Argentina, Germany, Brazil, United States of America, Spain, Italy or the United Kingdom and, in most of the cases, with a long tradition participating with scientist from the University of Granada, Spain.

The understanding of the volcanic seismicity is essential to know how the volcanic geodynamics works in the Earth. It is common that the events in volcano seismology, come from inner activity, although we should not dismiss the external activity. These phenomena can help us to know how the volcanoes internal structures are.

BRAVOSEIS project is going to give us an advances in many questions that still exist about volcanic structures and also, we are going to try to elucidate in a more realistic way, the existence or not of the hazards that a volcano can propose.