BRAVOSEIS. Final Survey

We are coming in the last stage of Bravoseis project that will start at firsts Febrary when the Spanish polar research vessel BIO Hespérides board us at the Ushuaia (land of fire) port. The vessel has planned to sail towards South Shetland Islands on Febrary 8. We will be 21 people between researchers and students belonging to the University of Granada and Jaén (Spain), City University of New York (Queen College, USA) and University of Washington (USA). Researchers of GFZ (Postdam, Germany) are also going to participate along to Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI, Germany), NOAA (USA) and Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI, USA) technicians. They carried out the deployment of all marine instrumentation (OBS and hydrophones) during the last survey. Of course, we also have the help and logistics of BIO Hespérides vessel.

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