Earthquakes have always made man to wonder about how the inner Earth works. Knowing how, why, where and when seismic events might occurs is extremely necessary to prepare ourselves and survive to the possible consequences that could happen.

In the case of volcanoes, discriminating whether an eruption is going to occur or not becomes vital to safeguard the life of the people living or passing next to volcano. Volcanoes can strongly alter our lives. Even those that are far away from us could provoke disasters that influence the whole planet.

At this point, the study of the seismicity at these distant places becomes important because of the strong activity and also, because they could help us to understand how the interior of Planet Earth works. At Bransfield Strait we find that South-American and Antarctica tectonic plates are interacting between them and with the three microplates of Scotia, Phoenix (also known as Drake) and South Shetland, all of them interacting in different ways. One of the consequences of these movements is the opening of the Bransfield Strait, an extensional phenomena of the crust that is forcing the South Shetland block to move away from the Antarctic Peninsula.

The study of the seismicity of that regions could allow to elucidate about the plate tectonics and volcanism at the Bransfield strait. The knowledge of geophysical the events that come as a consequence of the plates motions would let us shed light over the extensional phenomena at this region and it could help us with another places.

In the BRAVOSEIS project, we will carry out the deployment of the necessary instrumentation to obtain the information that, after a deep analysis, will let us know in a better way the seismicity and the way that plates and microplates are moving.

BRAVOSEIS is an effort of the involved researchers to understand what is happening and to shed light on those questions that not only intrigue the scientific community, but the general public as well. The project will be carried out with the economical support of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, the logistical support from Spanish Navy, which will be essential in field work helping the scientist with the transport of resources and with the deployment of some necessary instrumentation to obtain the desired information to allow the research to be a success.