Conferenciante: Bobomurad Narkuziev (Kimyo International University in Tashkent branch Samarkand, Uzbekistan) Abstract: In this talk, we examine a time-dependent family of two-dimensional algebras. We investigate the conditions under which any two algebras from this family, formed at different times, are isomorphic. Our findings reveal that the flow comprises of uncountablyContinue Reading

Conferenciante: Johan Rene van Dorp (School of Engineering and Applied Science. The George Washington University) Abstract: A framework of two-sided (TS) densities is presented for asymmetric continuous distributions consisting of two branches each with its own generating density. The framework supports the construction of distributions with positive support and aContinue Reading

SEMINARIO DE ECUACIONES DIFERENCIALES Conferenciante: Laura Baldelli (Universidad de Granada) Abstract: In this talk, we will disclose the main results contained in a recent paper written jointly with Jarosław Mederski (Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw) and Alessio Pomponio (Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy). Motivated by the factContinue Reading