Event Details

Second announcement for the conference "Variational problems and the geometry of submanifolds"
This meeting is organized at the CIRM in Marseille (France), from 27 to 31 May 2019. Subjects will range from harmonic maps and minimal/CMC/Willmore surfaces to knot theory.
The conference web-page is conferences.cirm-math.fr/1936.html
Pre-registration is open and accessible at the above web-page. As there is a limited number of places at the CIRM, we encourage participants to pre-register as soon as possible.
Speakers are:
  • S. Dragomir (U. della Basilicata)
  • L. Hauswirth (U. Paris-Est Marne la Vallée)
  • S. Heller (U. Hamburg)
  • D. Ketover (U. Princeton)
  • R. Kusner (U. Amherst, USA)
  • E. Kuwert (U. Freiburg)
  • P. Laurain (U. Paris Diderot)
  • J. de Lira (U. Ceara)
  • F. Martin (U. Granada)
  • D. Maximo (U. Pennsylvania)
  • Y. Ohnita (U. Osaka)
  • F. Pedit (U. Amherst, USA)
  • T. Rivière (ETH Zurich)
  • A. Ros (U. Granada)
  • M. Rupflin (U. Oxford)
  • A. Siffert (MPI Bonn)
  • M. Traizet (U. Tours)
  • P. Wang (U. Fuzhou)
Scientific Committee:
  • J. Choe (U. Seoul)
  • A. Fraser (U. British Columbia)
  • F. Helein (U. Paris Diderot)
  • R. Kusner (U. Amherst)
  • F. Pedit (U. Amherst)
  • J.C. Wood (U. Leeds)
A restricted amount of accommodation funds is available, primarily for PhD students and post-docs. Apply directly to cirm-2019@univ-brest.fr
You can find the conference poster at https://www.idpoisson.fr/mazet/docu/affiche_hd.pdf

Looking forward to seeing you at the CIRM in May,
The Organising Committee,
  • L. Alias (U. Murcia)
  • E. Loubeau (U. Brest)
  • L. Mazet (U. Tours)
  • S. Montaldo (U. Cagliari)
  • M. Soret (U. Tours)
  • M. Ville (CNRS/U. Tours)