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The conference will bring together some of the experts in minimal and constant mean curvature surfaces, geometric PDEs, end related problems, who will present and discuss recent results and developments.

It will be held at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Granada (IMAG), downtown Granada.


We welcome all students and young researchers to participate in the event. Unfortunately, we can not provide financial support but we encourage them to attend the conference.

Please, send an email to one of the organizers for logistic issues.

Accommodation Options nearby IMAG:

(*=Speakers' Hotel)

  • Hotel Catalonia *:https://www.cataloniahotels.com/es/hotel/catalonia-granada?mb=1
  • Luna Granada: https://www.granhotellunadegranada.com
  • Granada Center: https://www.hotelescenter.es/es/hotel-granada-center/
  • Cheaper option:

  • Pensión San Joaquin: https://www.pensionsanjoaquin.com
  • Speakers

    (* = to be confirmed)

  • Alessandro Carlotto (ETH Zurich)

    Talk: A strong topological non-uniqueness result for free boundary minimal surfaces. (+ info)

  • Alberto Enciso (ICMAT)

    Talk: Solutions to overdetermined elliptic problems on small domains and some applications. (+ info)

  • Azahara de la Torre (Roma La Sapienza)

    Talk: Solutions to the fractional Yamabe problem with singularities: Construction and properties. (+ info)

  • María del Mar González (UAM)

    Talk: Eigenfunctions for Levy Fokker-Planck equations. (+ info)

  • Pengfei Guan (Montreal)

    Talk: Hypersurface flows and isoperimetric type problems. (+ info)

  • Marco Guaraco (Imperial college)

    Talk: Allen-Cahn minimal surfaces for the Plateau problem. (+ info)

  • Laurent Hauswirth (Marne-la-Vallée)

    Talk: Free boundary minimal annuli in the unit ball. (+ info)

  • Dan Ketover (Rutgers)

    Talk: Higher index minimal surfaces and doublings. (+ info)

  • Yanyan Li (Rutgers)

    Talk: On the σk-Loewner–Nirenberg problem. (+ info)

  • Niels Martin Møller (Copenhagen)

    Talk: Uniqueness of collapsed simply connected translating solitons of low entropy+ info

  • Francisco Martín (Granada)

    Talk: The classification of semigraphical translators for mean curvature flow. (+ info)

  • Pablo Mira (Politécnica Cartagena)

    Talk: Homogeneous solutions of elliptic equations: the 4 semicircles theorem. (+ info)

  • William H. Meeks (Amherst)

    Talk: Structure theorem for CMC surfaces embedded in \(R^3\) with locally bounded genus. (+ info)

  • Barbara Nelli (L'Aquila)

    Talk: The Topology of constant mean curvature surfaces with convex bundary. (+ info)

  • Tristan Riviere (ETH Zurich)

    Talk: Minmax Hierarchies for Geodesics, Harmonic Maps, Minimal Surfaces and the Willmore Conjecture. (+ info)

  • Antonio Ros (Granada)

    Talk: The asymptotic growth of first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on compact surfaces in terms of the genus. (+ info)

  • David Ruiz (Granada)

    Talk: The Gaussian and geodesic prescription problem via conformal changes of the metric of the disk. (+ info)

  • Felix Schulze (Warwick)

    Course: Mean curvature flow with generic initial data and applications. (+ info)

  • Brian White (Stanford)

    Talk: Singularities at the Boundary for Mean Curvature Flow. (+ info)

  • Program

    Program Geo

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    9:30-10:30  Registration Schulze Course Møller
    10:30-11:00  COFFEE BREAK
    11:00-12:00  Ros Riviere Ruiz  Gonzalez Li
    12:00-13:00  Guan  Martin

    Meeks Enciso   Hauswirth
    13:00-16:00  LUNCH
    16:00-17:00   Carlotto  Guaraco  White   Mira
    17:00-18:00  Schulze  De la Torre  Ketover Nelli  

    Organizing Committee:

    • José M. Espinar
    • José A. Gálvez
    • Joaquín Pérez


    • PID2020-117868GB-I00 "Análisis geométrico"
    • PID2020-118137GB-I00 "Teoría de superficies y ecuaciones en derivadas parciales geométricas"
    • CEX2020-001105-M "Sello de Excelencia María de Maeztu" IMAG (funded by MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033)