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Título de la conferencia: Fractional elliptic problems with nonlinear gradient sources and measures
Conferenciante: Pablo Ochoa (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo-CONICET, Argentina)
In this talk, we will deal with the study of existence and regularity of appropriate weak solutions for non-local quasi-linear problems involving measures:
{(Δ)αu(x)u(x)=g(x,|u|)+σν=ρμin Ω,in RNΩ,

where ρ,σ0, µ and ν are suitable Radon measures, g:Ω×[0,)[0,) is a continuous function fulfilling certain growth conditions (to be presented a posteriori) and Ω ⊂ RN is a C2 bounded domain. We shall discuss different regimes where a solution may be defined and we will extend the presentation to Dirichlet problems like (1) with the addition of measures concentrated on the boundary ∂Ω. This is a joint work with Analia Silva from Universidad Nacional de San Luis and Joao Vitor da Silva from Universidad de Buenos Aires.