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Título: A geometric characterization of Powell-Sabin triangulations allowing the construction of C² quartic splines.
Impartida por: Salah Eddargani (Universidad de Granada).
Fecha: 28 de abril de 2021 de 12:00 a 13:00.
Resumen: Powell-Sabin splines are smooth piecewise polynomial functions defined on refined triangulations. They admit a compact representation in a normalized spline basis. They have been successfully used in the area of Computer Aided Geometric Design for surface modeling and fitting. This contribution deals with the characterization of refinements allowing the construction of C² quartic Powell-Sabin splines. The result is established by relating the triangle and edge split points provided by the refinement of each triangle. For a triangulation fulfilling the characterization obtained, the dimension of the space of C² quartic Powell-Sabin splines diminishes and a normalized representation is given.
Link de la reunión: https://meet.google.com/yrc-wpte-dbj