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Título: Persistent Homology, the shape of data.
Impartida por: Manuel Soriano Trigueros (Universidad de Sevilla).
Fecha: 24 de marzo de 2021 de 12:00-13:00.
Resumen: Homology theory provides a rigorous definition of the intuitive notion of "hole" in a topological space. His main advantage respect to other topological invariants is that it can be calculated using computers. Nevertheless, its application in science and technology has some limitations, in particular it is not robust to noise. Persistent homology was defined 20 years ago to deal with this problem and it has supposed a revolution in the field of applied topology. The aim of this talk is to give a brief reminder of homology, explaining its limitations and how persistent homology may be a solution. We will also give some applications and show some interesting relations with other fields in mathematics.
Link de la reunión: https://meet.google.com/yrc-wpte-dbj