Nemesio García-Carril Puy

FiloLab Associate Researcher

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Granada

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Nemesio García-Carril Puy is a Postdoctoral Researcher and a professional musician. He has been a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Philosophy I of the University of Granada as Junior FPU Researcher and Postdoctoral Researcher (University Research Plan). His research interests are aesthetics and ontology of art, with a special focus on Philosophy of Music. He was awarded the John Fisher Memorial Prize by the American Society of Aesthetics in 2019. In his musical side, he was awarded the First Prize of the Mediterranean Brass Festival Competition and the Second Prize of the Burke & Bagley Prize. He has recorded six albums.

Areas of research

Development and application of the theory of nested types in the ontology of music to issues related to plagiarism and intellectual property in various arts.

Analysis of the conflict between musical authenticity and score compliance authenticity, and its application to the phenomenon of musical versions.

Analysis of the problematic aspects of descriptivist and revisionists proposals in the metaontology of art with the aim of developing a new conciliatory proposal.

Analysis of the normative dimensions of aesthetic judgement and disagreement analysis.

Selected publications

[2020] Puy, Nemesio. "Contextualizing Platonism and Decontextualizing Aristotelianism in the Ontology of Music." Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, vol. 78, no. 2.

[2020] Puy, Nemesio. "Platonismo musical y composición de obras musicales por ordenador." Arte y Naturaleza, edited by Carmen Rodríguez Martín. Granada: Editorial Comares.

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[2019] Puy, Nemesio. "Musical Works’ Repeatability, Audibility and Variability: a Dispositional Account." Philosophy and Society, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 54-72.

[2019] Puy, Nemesio. "Ontología de la Música." Enciclopedia de la Sociedad Española de Filosofía Analítica. (Available at:

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