[Call for papers] Journal Encrucijadas: “Thinking with Otto Neurath: Science, political action and visual education”, November 15, 2019

The journal Encrucijadas opens a call for papers for its 20th Volume: “Thinking with Otto Neurath: Science, political action and visual education”, coordinated by José Luis Moreno Pestaña, member of FiloLab, and David Prieto Serrano. The legacy of Otto Neurath is practically unknown in Spain. The objective of this issue of Encrucijadas will be to stimulate reflection on his intellectual legacy and on the different axes that formed his lines of work.

Specifically, without wishing to discourage other possible readings and perspectives, it is proposed:

1) Improving the knowledge in the Spanish-speaking world of the work of Otto Neurath. In this sense, both analysis of his thought in sociohistorical perspective or from the sociology of philosophy are requested, as studies that address an update or reevaluation from a contemporary perspective of the main debates that go through his career.

2) Publishing studies and analysis capable of stimulating reflections based on epistemological and methodological problems in the social sciences:

Science and social transformation. Scientific practices and political action. Modes in which science can contribute to emancipating social transformations.

Observational statements and sociological practice.

Critical theory and empiricism.

3) Disseminating studies on topics and fields of knowledge related to the career of Otto Neurath:

Economic calculation and non-monetary economies. Legacies of debates on economic calculation in socialism. For example, studies from the ecological economy and sustainability.

The condition of the museum in contemporary society. Cultural and museum studies, institutional criticism and institutionalized criticism. Curatorial studies. Visual and multimedia devices, interaction and public participation.

Scientific popularization and ways to involve non-specialized publics.

Popular education, pedagogies and adult education.

Visual representation and graphic communication. Legacy of the Isotype. Studies on visualization methods and techniques in the social sciences or data journalism. Analysis of concrete practices, comparative studies or methodological reflections.

The present list is not restrictive and, consequently, all types of proposals will be considered linked in some way to the axes that traverse Neurath’s trajectory. From the Encrucijadas editorial team, we invite you to send academic papers from the field of social sciences (sociology, history, economics, political science, anthropology, …) and other related disciplines (philosophy, visual culture, history and curating of art, statistics, graphic design theory, information science or data journalism…).

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