José Luis Moreno Pestaña: “Ilegalities and blackouts”, March 23

José Luis Moreno Pestaña has published an article entitled “Ilegalities and blackouts” in La Voz de Granada on March 23.

“A French philosopher, in his most radical period, argued that the law consisted in strategically managing illegalities. That is, to pursue some of them and close your eyes to others, precisely to those which we do not have to be hard with because, after all, those who command do not have the will, strength (they are the powerful’s illegalities) or prefer to turn a blind eye because they are too serious problems. The rule of law is not blind, but it surreptitiously raise the bandage of the eyes before deciding whether or not to be implacable.
In Granada we have a perfect example int the power outages that affect, in the neighborhoods of Cartuja, La Paz and Almanjáyar, homes, institutes, etc. People who pay their electricity religiously are subjected to the cold and children who attend their classes find their schools closed.”

Link to the full article here.

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