Berna González Harbour: “Diez territorios en los que vamos a cambiar”, March 30

Berna González Harbour has published the article “Diez territorios en los que vamos a cambiar” (“Ten aspects in which we are going to change”) in El País. The article addresses the possible social changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, with the participation of the members of ESPACyOS (Ética Salubrista para la Acción, Cuidado y Observación Social).
Link to the full article here.

“Once the severe COVID-19 crisis is over, we —and not astronauts— will land in a different universe. But the world is most likely to have changed after this situation and what we consider “normal” may look different. Apart from the economic shock, the sociologists, psychologists and experts consulted list 10 spheres of our lives that may undergo significant changes”.

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