Conversation between Carlos Fernández Liria and Mario Espinoza Pino on the book ‘Marx, 2857: el problema del método y la dialéctica’

From 4th February to 21st April 2021, two sessions of presentation, conversation, and debate on Carlos Fernández Liria’s work ‘Marx, 2857: el problema del método y la dialéctica’ took place. This event was organised by José Luis Moreno Pestaña and Mario Espinoza Pino, members of FiloLab and the Seminario de Filosofía Social ‘Capital (es), Cuerpos’.

During the debate, they dealt with the methodological problems of Karl Marx’s work, which is paramount in the development of what Perry Anderson, Martin Jay, Russel Jacoby and Davic Mc Lellan, among others, called ‘Western Marxism’. Fernández Liria’s work, which focuses on rereading the 1857 Einleitung, radically criticises the Hegelian concept of dialectic, separating Marx from Hegel and approaching him towards the development of the history of sciences —with regards to Marxist authors such as Louis Althusser—. This book remarkably compiles authors such as Plato, Kant or Husserl, trying to align some of their reflexions with the materialist tradition. Moreover, Fernández Liria’s political stake proves to be enlightened and republican, emphasising the history of law, of philosophy and bringing back concepts such as progress—which has been especially problematic during the 21st century.

Here are the links to both sessions:

First Session

Second Session:

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