Discussion on ‘Los pocos y los mejores’

On the 2 June, José Luis Moreno Pestaña, researcher and member of FiloLab, will take part in a discussion on his work ‘Los pocos y los mejores. Localización y crítica del fetichismo político(Akal, 2021) organised by the Permanent Seminar of Philosophy of the University Carlos III of Madrid (U3CM). José Luis Moreno Pestaña’s work, awarded with the ‘Premio Internacional de Pensamiento 2030’, addresses the problem of current democracy with a historical perspective, analysing the ‘political fetishism’ that permeates the most common conceptions of democratic institutions, election processes and forms of representation. Its aim is to criticise the normalisation of dynamics that accumulate political capital in the hands of a few, while proposing mechanisms to distribute that capital amongst the majoritymechanisms whose origins can be traced back to Classical Greece—. This introduction and discussion session will feature Fernando Broncano, Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science in the University Carlos III of Madrid and author of Conocimiento expropiado. Epistemología política en una democracia radical, Akal, 2020.

Contact: filosofia@uc3m.es

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