«Siempre nos quedará Bourdieu»

Siempre nos quedará Bourdieu (Círculo de Bellas Artes, 2021) has just been released. José Luis Moreno Pestaña, researcher and member of FiloLab, has participated with his text ‘La actualidad del Oficio del Sociólogo’. Below we share the synopsis of the book.


Almost twenty years after his death –writes Luis Enrique Alonso in the preface of this book– the presence of Pierre Bourdieu not only remains in force as an intellectual figure, but is growing and becoming a universal classic of the social sciences. […] The entire sociology of our time continues to dialogue, for or against Bourdieu, and his presence is so overwhelming that no sociologist can remain untouched by his vocabulary, his approaches and his knowledge strategies’.

The texts gathered here –whose origins trace back to a conference that took place in the ‘Círculo de Bellas Artes’ (Circle of Fine Arts) of Madrid ten years ago– deal with three key areas in Bourdieu’s work: firstly, the role of Algeria in the development of his thinking: secondly, his conceptual contributions to sociological analysis and, thirdly, the potential of the use of these theoretical tools and their applications in different fields. The texts by Luis Enrique Alonso, Ildefonso Marqués y José Luis Moreno Pestaña are devoted to the currency and richness of Bourdieu’s conceptual analysis. Lahouari Addi, Aïssa Kadri and Enrique Martín Criado’s contributions focus on Algeria. In addition to the texts by these six specialists on Bourdieu, there are case studies by Cecilia Flashsland, who analyses the figure of Eva Perón and the Peronist Feminist Party through ‘Pierre Bourdieu’s glasses’ as well as by Marina Requena i Mora, who describes the usefulness of managing the concept of ‘habitus’ in his field of work on ‘the towns environmentalism’.

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