Bayfal diaspora in Spain: Discussing Murid Senegalese Migration

Ester Massó Guijarro, researcher at FiloLab, gave the conference entitled ‘Bayfal diaspora in Spain: Challenging Murid Senegalese Migration’ as part of the ‘Mystique et ésotérisme dans la diaspora’ round table in the framework of the ‘Journées d’études internationales sur les mystiques islamiques en Afrique’. This event was organised by the GRECS group of the University of Barcelona on 21st and 22nd April 2021.

This work reflects on the bayfal movement (bayfalism) within muridism from a transnational perspective, seen as a specifically migratory affiliation with contemporaneity and within the field of African studies. It compares original bayfalism as a Sufi heterodoxy in Senegal within the Mouride brotherhood with the case study of migratory diaspora in Madrid (Spain) as well as with Granada (Andalusia, Spain) in a complementary and secondary way. It works on the hypothesis that the diaspora is changing both the way of affiliation to bayfalism (actually intensifying affiliations) and the identity contents of this category. It also analyses how typically sufi elements of bayfalism tend to be more visible or prevalent facing their Islamic condition. In her conference, Ester Massó explains some of the results previously published in some journals (such as the article ‘Transformation of a Sufi Heterodoxy through Diasporic Circulation’ in the ‘African Diaspora’ journal).

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